Setting Up a Business in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the top most entrepreneurial destinations from around the world. Many of the top organizations have set ups in the Middle East and Dubai being the most favorite spot particularly for bringing out the status and adding a lavish name to your business.  Setting up a business is not an easy task as the city is the trading capital of UAE and being a kingdom the government has strict rules and regulations to follow. Dubai happily welcomes foreign investment and so is liberal towards it compared to the other Middle Eastern States.

First and foremost requirement you should know about establishing a business in Dubai is that the law that requires you have a local partner who will be the primary shareholder of your company. Without abiding by this law you cannot begin to trade within the territory of the state. If you wish to be the sole owner of your business you might consider huge investment and set up in free zone area.

The first thing to keep in mind when you are thinking of setting up a business in the commercial hub of Middle East is what type of business will yours be. Dubai provides different business modules and their legal set up process be it a direct sale or a commercial agency, a branch or representative office, Limited Liability Company or a free zone investment. Once you decide this you can begin to learn about its legal process. Make sure you talk to legal experts and business lawyers for that.

The other most significant decision about setting up a business in Dubai is the location. Proper locations serve direct success of businesses and when it comes to Dubai there are a number of locations depending on the type of the business you are planning to set up. Dubai Free Zone, Jumeirah, Dubai media city, Business Center Dubai, Dubai Knowledge Park are some top attractions for organizations to set up in Dubai. Although it might be a challenge to get you the best spots as there are long waiting lists to get the desired locations.

Investment also serves important perspective when you set up in Dubai. You need to understand that it might require more investment compared to setting up in low-cost countries as per the type of business you plan to set up in but the investment will be worth it.

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